Finding Where Your Health Journey Begins

For anyone on a fitness journey, we all have “that” moment. The one where it all clicks and you realize you don’t wanna be the skinny kid getting picked on anymore. You no longer want to be the awkward young kid getting walked all over,  or the overweight kid who feels too embarrassed to participate in certain activities. Girl or boy, man or woman no matter where you are or what age, when it finally clicks the journey begins and it now becomes YOUR health journey. But it only starts when you decide enough is enough. For me, that was in junior high, when I chose to start getting into fitness or what I used to call “getting big”.


Growing up, my dad was bigger than life. He was a gym rat, a professional athlete in his prime, and still doting some 20 inch biceps at 50 + years old.  He worked out everyday while I was growing up. You always wanna be just like your dad but for me it didn’t click till “that one day.” Did I start out pursuing it for the right reason? In my head, yes I was. But looking back, I’m not sure it if was the right reason.  Does that matter now though? No way!  It pushed me, that moment changed me, it molded me and made me who I am today.


That moment, that day for me was in the beginning of 7th grade, waiting for my bus. I was the skinny kid, the new kid, the quiet kid. I didn’t bother anyone, I stayed to myself, but apparently that didn’t matter. One day, sitting there waiting all I remember was hearing my name and then I remember being on the ground. Right there at the bus stop he called my name, I turned, and then lights out.   With a mouth full of braces, that punch was like a lawnmower taking a once over around in my mouth. Getting up all I could hear was my dad in my head saying “Son, don’t be like me. Don’t be who I was. Just walk away, it’s not worth it.” You see in his prime, my dad was the guy you ran from but he was raising me with the notion that being like him was wrong, not to follow his mistakes. So he would always say son move past it and turn the other cheek. Walk away, it’s not worth it.


So in that moment, I did. I stood up, turned around and without a word I walked away. But inside, I vowed that day that I may not punch back but I would get as big as my dad. So in the future they would at least think that trying that again was a bad idea and hopefully they would walk away first. Funny thing about all of this was when my dad found out what that kid had done, he made me face face him. And he, not me, looked that kid in the face and said “Someday boy, my son is going to be twice your size and you’re going to wish you never did that.”


Well, he was right about one thing I did end up twice his size but my attitude never changed. I still would walk away because as I got older I learned I really had nothing to prove to anyone. The proof was in the journey. Where did this mind set come from? It came from my faith and getting into the gym and working out. I used to watch my dad do it everyday. I knew where to start I knew what to do.  I always wanted to be like him and now I was determined to start.


Now, do you need to be a muscle bound freak? No, but let me tell you what working out does for your mindset in all aspects of your life.  There are only two things in this world that can give you this confidence, being strong in your faith in Jesus and working out and feeling strong, feeling fit.  There is so much to say about amount of confidence that comes from working out and feeling strong and being healthy. To be able to look in the mirror and feel strong and to feel good about what you see staring back; this mindset can do so much for you as you walk through life.


This journey began with a single moment  but the result was a young kid interested in fitness for a lifetime. A kid striving to be something bigger, stronger, faster, more confident. In the end, that single moment did so much more for me than I could ever have imagined.  This is my journey. Where does yours begin? Has your moment happened yet? If so let’s take it and get started. Here at Tri-Cord Health we want to help you! Here you’re going to find not just workout programs and supplements but we want to give you the support and the knowledge to make those fitness goals real life and transform yourself from the inside out. To help guide you and encourage you on your journey to be healthy and confident.


God bless from all here at Tri- Cord Health.








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